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The  Clothesline

MARKS - Solo Exhibition - Tel Aviv Artists House   2013

Clothing line anat beger art

The clothesline is a large-sized talisman that expresses my deep prayers for peace and love. The very day I turned into a mother, I acknowledged that with every brush stroke/paint and material laying/layer covering and scraping I express my longing and prayer for a better world. In every typical family home, the never-ending presence of laundry symbolizes the presence of life in it.

As my beloved son Shahaf joined the army as a combat paratrooper, filling my heart with fear and worry, a strong emotional urge came to me and provided the idea behind this work. The framework is built out of old boat paddles I found at the beach; it felt almost as if they were sitting there and waiting especially for me, waiting to sail this world into a better place.


Recycled paper grocery bags symbolize the hanging laundry, on which I drew, glued, imprinted, wrote and applied other materials. Underneath the clothesline lays an old white laundry basket, filled with more and more laundry. This work has an extra auditory layer to it, as the sound of water dripping from wet laundry plays in the background.  Where there is laundry - there is life.

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